Flashback Friday #FF – Because You Can’t Get Enough of #TBT

Happy Friday everyone!

For some, Friday is the most thrilling day of the week because it is the last working day and there is Friday night out afterwards, and a whole day chill on the Saturday. For netizens, Friday is #FF or Flashback Friday. The concept is the same as #TBT or Throwback Thursday. It seems that our dear netizens want to extend reminiscing the past.

Now, I am digging my old pictures to join the club 😉 Look what I find way back 2012.

With 2 of my beautiful best buds!

It’s nice to reminisce not only the old days, the memories but the people as well. Don’t forget to tagged the people involved so you have someone to laugh with 😛

These are two of my college friends and after more than a decade and differences, we are still friends. We are many actually and we call ourselves BAGEDS, derived from our surnames and names. Surely, my other friends will make “tampo” for not including them. Don’t worry guys, there’s still next week 😉

Happy Flashback Friday! Until next Friday 🙂

Flashback Friday

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