How to Create a “call-to-action” Button on Facebook

Good evening guys or should I say good morning 😉

Time check: 12:37am

Before I go to sleep, I want to share with you what got me excited today. Finally, a call-to-action button is now available in my client’s Facebook Fan Page account. According to Facebook, this button is still not available to everybody but I guess, the majority has it already.

I’m excited about this button because it will drive traffic to your website as what our common objective is, right? I’ve created a short video on how you’ll going to create this button.

How to Create a “call-to-action” Button on Facebook

It is easy as 1-2-3 right? For now, I will do trial and error with this button and see which will work best in each page I manage.

I am grateful that Facebook “Create Call to Action” Button has been added to FB Fan Page features, however, I have few complains or wishes.

1. I wish that there are more choices like “visit us”, “order now” and others that will suit the business page or

2. I wish that we can customize the call-to-action button depends on our needs.

I think we will have it soon! For now, let us use this button and see what will happen next. Share the good news!

Cheers to your business success!

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