February – Love Month?

Hello everyone! Happy Ash Wednesday to all of our Catholic friends!

I know, I know. I haven’t been faithful these few days. Can you blame me? I am busy living a life, LOL. No excuses, I know that. I know you need a daily dose of my blog 😉 and for that I am grateful.

So, what is there to talk about? February as a love month? There are many things that are going on to me this month and this second month of the year is a little tough for me. If January has been good and bring me closer to my goals, February brings me far. Well, who says great things come easy?

I need to stand still, I need to be firm, I need to be strong and I need to move a muscle.

Actually, February calls for a lot of celebration and Valentines leads among the rest. By the way, I got my flowers and a dinner date at Tagaytay on the windy, foggy and wet Valentines Day. We dine in at Bradley’s Grill & Bulalo. Bulalo is such a delicious treat with the kind of weather that we had on that day.

Valentines Date

On the 16th, we celebrated my father’s birthday! We prepare food and we eat together for the love of my father. Today is Ash Wednesday which is a meaningful day for Filipino Catholics for the love of God (I am not a Catholic BTW, but I have respect to other people’s beliefs).

Tomorrow is another celebration for our Chinese friends for they will be celebrating Chinese New Year! I’m sure, tikoy will be everywhere and I will buy one later.

February is short, only 28 days but it is jampacked with meaningful events. Truly, February is a love month. I’ve got 10 more days to get back on track.

Celebrate life!

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