A Peek of Summer

I smell summer!

I can feel the heat in my skin. I can smell the flowers. I can see the sun shine brightly and I can hear the bird chirping. Summer is so poetic.

This is the time of the year when people show off their skin and flaunt what they’ve got under that dress. It’s time to get tanned. Beware of the sunburn though.

This week, I went to White Cove Resort, one of Laiya Beaches here in Batangas which proud to have a white sand just like Boracay. I went and see for myself and yes, it is white and the resort is so serene. A great relaxing place! I came at night. Watch the video below.

I also look for a great resort within Batangas area (as I am living here at the moment) and the we found the La Virginia resort and the view is really breathtaking. Another relaxing place to go this summer!

La Virginia Resort

Where do you want to go this summer beach side or pool side?

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