Busy Summer!

Hey guys! Missed me?

Kamay Ni HesusI’ve got a super busy summer and it is just starting. Sorry no cooking last Sunday because we went to Kamay ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban, Quezon. It was a memorable trip because we’ve climb 305 steps all the way to 50-foot statue of Christ, the World’s third tallest Risen Christ Statue.


Kamay ni Hesus Top View

It was such a great experience because I can be able to get up of my working chair and have some exercise. Well, you can rest in each station and reflect so it’s not really a tough job. The view from the top is breathtaking! You can be able to see the whole town!


This has been a favorite pilgrimage of the Catholic people during holy week. This is a place where they say their prayer of thanks, ask for forgiveness and it is also popular in their healing mass so many people who has ailments and other health problems see to it that they attend the mass to get healed.

Of course, we bought some souvenirs. I bought a coin purse and pray that it will never run out of money 😉 , a key chain and a frame with prayers to bless our home which I planned to hang on our new house in Cavite.

We didn’t leave the place without eating “hab-hab”. I am not a fan of their langgonisa (no offense meant), I just hate too many garlic. I bought honey too!

Prior to that, April 2, 2015, we’ve got a family reunion at Batis ng Makiling, Pansol Laguna. We always have an overnight swimming at Pansol Laguna, only with different resorts because that is the place closer to where we are where we can have a full satisfaction and wouldn’t hurt our schedule. We do it even at ordinary days to bond and to relax.

Pansol, LagunaPansol, Laguna

We’ve celebrated  a lot of fiestas too!

Tilambo FiestaBatangas Fiesta

We are excited for tomorrow’s parade (Basketball League), we are hoping to win “best in uniform”. I secure myself one 😛

I suggested the name of the team “Blood Fusion” (They are all relatives). What do you think?

Basketball LeagueBlood Fusion







Summer is just starting and there’s a lot more coming that’s for sure! Enjoy your summer everyone!

What’s your summer story?

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