Traveling to the North

Philippines is indeed a place to visit. With so many tourist destinations, you can never ran out of places to go and you can never have too much. In fact, you want it more and more!

Luzon prides itself with mountains to climb and seas to swim from coast to coast and North to South. Before we get overwhelmed, let us start at the Northern part of the Island.

What are the places to visit? From the Top!


Photo Credit: It’s more fun in the Philippines (Top Photo)

Ilocos is mission accomplished for me. I’ve been to the 4 provinces of the region which are Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, La Union and Pangasinan.

Ilocos Sur, 2014

Ilocos Sur

Ilocos Norte, 2014

Ilocos Norte

La Union, 2014


Pangasinan, 2009


 Sorry about the Pangasinan photo. It was taken from my cheap phone way back 2009. I don’t have picture on the arc so I choose the  one that will easily recognize Pangasinan 😉 (even our face is unrecognizable. By the way, that’s me on the right side and my friend Rona on the left).

Here’s why you should to visit Ilocos Region.

  • You’ve got to see the white sand of Pagudpud and go compare it to Boracay sand.
  • Get amazed of nature’s artistry with Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.
  • Have a glimpse of the past at the Heritage sites at Ilocos Sur (Hurry, before it got ruin and modernized)
  • The sinful pleasure taste of Ilocano food “bagnet”.
  • You’ve got to count if Hundred Islands are really “100 islands”.
  • Learn some part of the history during Spaniards time while enjoying the beach at Lingayen gulf.
  • Feel the wave and surf at La Union
  • and more more more!

For sure there’s a lot more! Comment below of the other places that I missed out!

How are you enjoying our journey so far? Our first stop tomorrow “Ilocos Norte“.


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