Ilocos Norte Adventure: Start at the Top!

Good evening everyone! It’s time for another journey. Philippine beauty is not a myth. It is a fact that I’ve seen with my very eye.

March, last year we went to Ilocos Norte and with a long and slow drive we finally reached our destination. Though we are so tired, we are all excited! We left Manila at around 11pm and reach Pagudpud at around 9pm the next day. we are driving slowly because we are breaking in our L300 van. We have several stop-overs because we only have 1 driver. We are on the road for almost 24 hours! Whew!

However, the road is wide, smooth and there isn’t any traffic so it is really a good place to go if you want to break-in your vehicle.  As we arrived we decided to rest at Polaris Beach House. The staffs were kind, the room is large and comfy and the price is reasonable.

Here comes tomorrow! Pagudpud Beach in Sunshine!

Looks like a paradise, the water is calm, blue green and crystal clear.

The sand is white and soft, close to Boracay.

I didn’t know the how Boracay looks like then but as I write this blog I already knew 😉


We feel like we are outside the Philippine Map as we swim.

There are many more attractions to see at Pagudpud like Kabigan Falls and  Patapat Viaduct,

We just enjoyed the beach so much that we don’t have time to visit the other places but we are saving that for our next visit because we don’t have enough of it yet.

The next day we head on to Bangui Wind Farm. Though, it is March, the weather is not good. There are small drops the are pouring as we head on the famous windmill of Ilocos.

It is windy day and the waves are so scary. We never dare to get near to the beach or we might swept away!

Windmill produces electricity. It is so huge, you can’t embrace it!

Tips when you are traveling: Take your time. Do not get overwhelmed with places to visit. There are always next time. Enjoy the moment and savor it. You are relaxing and not rushing.

What I will definitely visit next is the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos. I heard the creamy white limestone is a work of art, sculpted by the ocean and different weather forces.

Anyone who have been there? Share your pics on the comment section.

Next stop, Ilocos Sur.


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