Happy Thoughts

Good morning! Today, I made a pact to myself to think of happy thoughts every day. I will think on positive things to get positive energy and positive outcome.

I’ve been trying for years to conceive but failed and after taking fertility pills, going to church and doing everything I can, I think I’m having my period now.

Where do I fail? What are the things I didn’t do? I know the answers but too blind to accept it. I am unhealthy inside and out. I have unhealthy mind, body and soul.

What should I do? I should be healthy and I will start with the mind.

One of my ob-gyn advice is to think of happy thoughts and that is what I am determine to do starting today. It is not easy for me for I easily got frustrated, I always have hot flashes and I get easily stressed out and I use food to comfort me. Very unhealthy, yes.

I conclude that there isn’t any medication that can help me. I need to start within and I need to start to make peace with myself. Think of the good things that had happened in the past. Think how I overcome them and believe that I can do the same with my obstacles today.

This is very challenging and I hope that I can keep it. Usually, I am just good within 1 week and back to my normal habit afterwards. Let me try this within  2 weeks at least 😉

Happy thoughts for today: 1 task down and it is only 5:26am

I will be having an early weekend since my tasks for the week is almost complete and I can complete them before noon today. This calls for celebration. Cheers!

Are you trying to conceive and failed like me? Let us help one another and discuss solutions, write it down in the comment section.

Are you trying to conceive and succeed? Share us your experience and inspire us!

What are the things that makes you happy every day? How do you keep your mind healthy?

I am happy to hear from you and that’s it for now. Have a great day!


Think of Happy Thoughts

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