Weekend Getaway : Cavite (The Land of the Heroes)

Oh my God! It’s been more than a month since my last post was written and I am very sorry if there’s someone who’s missing my post (meron ba? comment naman dyan!). It will motivate me to write often if I have at least one follower who’s following my posts eagerly. If there is one, leave me a comment 😉

Alright, today or should I say yesterday (time check: 12:03 am Monday), I didn’t go far for my weekend getaway. Since I have a very busy week with all the constructions that is going on with my house, I felt the need to wind up and I end up at Kawit, Cavite.

It has been said that Cavite is the land of the heroes since there are a lot of heroes in the Philippine history who lives in here. This city is rich in historical events. I am living in the city for almost a year now so I decided to explore it.

My first stop is at Emilio Aguinaldo’s (the First President of the Republic of the Philippines) mansion. This president is very controversial in so many ways. He was accused of so many things like the death of Juan Luna and Andres Bonifacio.

Aguinaldo had a long life, he died at the age of 94, February 6, 1964, the same year his mansion was declared by the government as National Shrine signed by then President Diosdado Macapagal.


What intrigued me to visit his mansion aside from wanting to know him better (this is where he was born, March 22, 1869 and lived), to have a feel of the past and to know the history is to see where exactly the Philippine flag was made and raised.


President Emilio Aguinaldo behind his controversies is a very significant person in the history. He designed the Philippine flag and it was in his mansion’s grand hall window the act of Declaration of Philippine Independence from Spain happened, June 12, 1898.  I want to see that very window or independence balcony.

Now, the mansion is a museum with its antique furniture preserved, Aguinaldo’s personal belongings like his cane, sword, hats, boots and others. It also showcases the weapons, documents of the revolution and other artifacts.

Want more historical places?

More photos here: DITT: Cavite

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