FREElancer Time Management Tips 101

Hello everyone! It’s Saturday and I find time to blog..yehey!

Well, as a FREElancer, we should have a lot of free time and we can choose what to do with our time but sadly, I see many freelancers who are tied up with their computers. I’m guilty of that one time or another but learning to break free now.

Who am I to give you tips? Well, one, I am a freelancer, two I’m learning time management, not perfectly but getting there and feel like sharing. I travel, I manage the house, myself, work and do other things like you are. Three, if you don’t need tips, you shouldn’t be here but if you want to contribute, antagonize me or support me, feel comfortable to do so.

The common problem of a freelancer is not that they don’t have enough time but time management itself. It is because you own your time that most of the time you get lazy to start working until you really have to. Freelancers procrastinate a lot that’s why they cram. They don’t know what to do first and they neglect the important things they should be doing because they can’t do it anymore, they don’t have time.

My tips is not something you don’t know. These are something you know all along but maybe you have forgotten or you are just not practicing for the sake of “not just practicing” it. Anyway, I will not give you hundred tips because it won’t serve you well. I don’t want to overwhelm you. I believe in chewing one food at a time, you will appreciate it more and will serve its value than trying to swallow everything and make your tummy hurts.  Here’s my tips for you.

Plan your dayPlan – I don’t mean you to jot down everything in numerous papers back to back. Yes, you don’t have enough time so just make a quick and short plan. I am a fan of planning because without it, I am so lost. It just serves as my guide. It points me to the next direction and it reminds me what I should do next. Just have a note with you every day. Of course, if you can’t keep up with your plan you don’t need to stress yourself. Just use it as your guide so you are not wasting your time. When you have a lot of things to do and you forgot what to do next, the next thing you will be doing is doing an unimportant matters and at the end of the day, before you go to sleep, you will remember..”oops I forgot *** ” and can’t sleep comfortably because of the thought. It is either will keep you awake all night or you will get up and do it. What will happen? If you have a restless night you are not in a good mood to do anything on the tomorrow. Tomorrow, you don’t have enough time because you have additional task to do, the one you forgot yesterday. If you work late at night trying to finish the job then you will be sleeping half of the day tomorrow. Come on! Plan your day. Write down what you should be doing for the day. It just takes minutes to do so.

PrioritizePrioritize – There are many things you need to do in a day but which of them comes first? If they are all important to you, what you should do? Prioritize. Do what needs your utmost attention and do first the things that can’t wait for tomorrow. if there are still too many for you to handle. Ask for help, leverage your work or outsource. Trying to do everything in a day which you know impossible at first will just make you feel frustrated because you will let somebody down. Be realistic, if you can’t do it, plead for your client for an extension or re-schedule an important event, adjust whatever you can.

Learn to say NoLearn to say no – Don’t accept commitments you can’t handle. Not because the offer is great you will grab it. No matter how great the opportunity is, if you can’t do it right, it will just ruin you more than it will benefit you. If it is really irresistible, be ready or drop others.

Do one thing at a timeDo one at a time – Do not try to do everything at once! That’s a big NO! You will suffer. Quality of your work will suffer. You’ll end up doing nothing actually plus you will get frustrated, burned out and disappointed. It is not healthy to multi-task and juggle all your clients all at the same time (this is if you have multiple clients). Your mind will be force to think different things all at the same time. Better do one task at a time and when you’re done, head to the next. Believe me, it is faster that way. You will also feel a sense of relief once you accomplished one task and you feel better and ready heading to another.

That’s it for now. Try to absorb it all and I will give you another tips if you want. Do it and you will be more productive and you will have more time. Want more?


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