Freelancing Tips from the Experts

Hi guys! I just attended my first Christmas party for this month (I’m sure there’s a lot more of Christmas party invitation coming) and this is the best Sunday ever! The only sad thing about this day is that I didn’t win the iPad 😦 but still, I win something big today! What are those? Learning, experience and a new challenge.

I attended the “The PaYoneer Freelancers Forum and
Christmas Party”. It is not an ordinary Christmas party, it is more on a seminar with freebies, raffle and refreshments for FREE!

Freelancing and Entrepreneurship

PaYoneer is generous enough to hold a seminar for FREE! This is an early Christmas gift for freelancer like me that I can’t miss! This seminar is all about “freelancing” and “entrepreneurship” where the speakers are the experts in their own fields. They are all freelancers and entrepreneurs in their own ways.

The speakers are the following:

Allan Donato – PaYoneer Brand Ambassador, Philippines

Janette Toral – E-Commerce, Social Media and Internet Marketing Expert

Lyle Jover – President and CEO of Inc.

Rafael Pekson II – CTO of the Worxpresso

Francis Simisim – CEO and Founder of Social Light Inc.

These speakers are experts with proven track of records to prove it. I love listening to experts! I love listening to people who did it already. They are reliable source of information and this day they share their secrets.

If you are a freelancer, freelancer wannabe, entrepreneur or entrepreneur wannabe who wants to succeed in digital world, listen. I will share you some tips, I’ve learned from the experts.

As we all know but maybe not aware of it, we are trained with a path to follow. A path that isn’t applicable in our era today and that is to go to school, study hard, finish a course, find a good paying job and retire. I heard this first from Robert Kiyosaki and I’m hearing it again with Mr. Lyle Jover. There’s nothing wrong with this path until a good paying job isn’t that good anymore and could sustain the needs and wants of the certain individual, especially a married one with kids. This is all it gone wrong.

People today are keep on resigning with their jobs, unsatisfied, looking for a better future with another company and got frustrated. We are no longer satisfied with our 9-5 job and people today are looking for something they really want to do but not many people have the guts to pursue their passion.

What hinders you from being a freelancer?

Many of us dream to live a life doing what we love and working without a boss but not many pursue this dream. Why?

  • You listen too much about what other people would say. – Many people think that freelancing is for lazy people or people who can’t find a decent job. You simply don’t want to categorize as such so you are living a life where you think what you’re doing is acceptable to “these people”.
  • You let other people dictate your life. – Who are these “other people”? Most often than not, these people are the people who are close to you, these are the people who matter so you let them dictate you on what to do because you know that they only want the best for you. These people could be your family or your closest friends. But they don’t know what really is the best for you. What works with them before might not work with you today. Their dreams which they want you to continue might not your dream.

Do not let these other people dictate you. Don’t listen and follow your passion. It is not bad to disobey, as long as you know what you want and what you want is good.

Freelancer = Brand

If you are a freelancer, you should treat your business seriously if you want to succeed. Yes, you have a business and what you are selling is yourself, your skill and your abilities, therefore, you are the brand. Create a brand. Create yourself. How do you want other people to know you? What are you doing as a freelancer? Let the people know who you are. To start creating a brand for yourself is to have a clear vision, mission and values. Yes, just a like a company, you need to have these to have a direction on where you are heading. Knowing these will help you create a brand for yourself.

Become an Expert Freelancer

There is no way you can sell yourself than becoming an expert on your field. You need to build credibility in order to have projects overflowing in front of you. Being an expert is not a title, it is not only a word. There is a responsibility once you use it. Many freelancers are saying they are expert SEO, they are expert Web Designer…well, are you sure? Do you have something to prove it?

Join competition in your field – If you are a newbie and don’t have any portfolio to show then joining competition as suggested by Ms. Janette Toral is a great idea. She is not a newbie when she joins a SEO competition but it gains her more credibility. She doesn’t won in the said competition, she only landed at the fourth place as she said in the forum but it is enough to help you prove your profession. it is enough to prove that you know what you are doing and this also will give you a lot of knowledge and realization that you can use to make you better and that you can execute with your future clients.

Prove that you are an expert with your current project. If you are already a freelancer but doesn’t have enough portfolio to show that you are an expert then your current project is your chance to prove it. Do the best you can with your current project and think that it will serve as your portfolio for your next projects.

That’s all for now. I hope you’ve learned from what I’ve learned. It is like a pay it forward thing. If you have questions and you have something to clarify, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Be a rockstar freelancer! Be an expert!


Selfie with the experts!

Freelancer Experts
With Mr. Allan Donato (Top, PaYoneer Brand Ambassador), Francis Simisim (Left, “When in Manila” Author) and Ms. Janette Toral (Right, works with marketing Lancaster and Lazada) 



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