Negative Thoughts Lead to Unproductive Day

Hey! It’s Freelancer Friday!

Thoughts to ponder:

Oftentimes we neglect the power of our mind. We often tend to not realize that what we are thinking plays a vital role in our lives. As a freelancer, we need to make use of our time wisely in order to produce more.

Thinking negative will not bring us anywhere but leads to exhaustion. It will drain our energy and left us unmotivated. We need lots of discipline in order to work at home successfully and being unmotivated is troublesome.

In this kind of weather, bed weather as they call it, it is nice to just relax, watch movies and lie down all day but hey we have work to do. Being lazy and thinking negative will make things worse.

It is a must that we established a daily routine as freelancers and we should incorporate reading, watching or listening to positive materials in our morning routine. It will help us to produce more and have a successful day. Believe me, it will make a lot of difference in your life.

Wall art is another great way to motivate yourself. Have something in your room that you can see in the morning when you wake up that will motivate you. It can be a your favorite motivation quotes or an image of the place you want to go.

motivational quotes

It is hard to get out of bed, knowing that you own your time but time pass by so quickly and you have deadlines. Don’t force yourself and do not stress yourself. When you wake in the morning, listen to a podcast or watch a motivational video until you are pump up and ready to jump out of bed.

I want to know who listens to podcast here and who do you listen to. I appreciate a link to your favorite motivational guru. Write down in a comment.

Have a productive day!

Make your day as wonderful as the first sip!











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