5 Tips on Booking a Package Tour Online

Booking a package tour online is a trend nowadays. Not only that it is convenient but it is fast as well. However, there are ghost stories when you are booking online because scammers are everywhere. To not fall into their trap, here are 5 tips for you.

1. When it is good to be true, it is definitely not true. Yes, you’ve heard it many times but still you can’t help but to get excited when you see a super package deal. I’m not saying that all low prices are not real or just a scam. All I am trying to say is you must be careful.

2. Check if the company is legit. If no one among your circle of friends and family members ever tried to book on that agency, do some research. Check how long they are operating. Scammers don’t stay long in the business. They are always changing their pages and their names. If they are new, you have all the reason to doubt them. If they are operating for years, check the reviews if they deliver what they promise.

3. Inquire. For all we know, this low price deal that they are flashing is just a click bait and part of their marketing strategy. Prepare yourself with questions like what are the inclusions. It might be just an accommodation without breakfast and when you ask for an accommodation with breakfast + airport transfer + airfare and tours, you might be surprised on how much it will cost you.

4. Don’t give in to time pressure unless everything is clear with you. If it is a sale, the agency will give you a sense of panic where you feel obliged to book today or you will run out of slot or the sale will be over soon. Yes, it happens but you should be wiser, everything should be clear before you book in.

5. If you inquire few days before booking, check first if the sale is still on. Before you knew it, you are already charged with the regular price. The price when you inquire is not the same on the time when you are ready to book.

These above tips is not to scare you on booking a package tour online but it helps you to be wiser when you do. Booking a package tour is such a breeze when you know what you are doing. It helps you to save a lot of time when you are on your vacation and you can relax and take it easy because the travel agency sets everything for you.

Happy booking!

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