Do Less and Be More

“You have gifts to give, family to love, and dreams to live. You were created to learn and grow, not to replicate and repeat.” – John Busacker

Last month, I bid goodbye to one of my clients. This one is my favorite, because she’s so easy to work with. However, we work during her working hours, which is 10pm to 6am here in the Philippines. Working these hours makes me feel lonely when I wake up, because it will be night soon again. I am always looking forward to weekends and this is not the life I want to live. I work online because I want to have the freedom to work anytime I want, so working with her defeats the purpose.

This decision makes me so happy because I can literally say that I am living the life I’ve always dreamed of. Although, I am earning a little less now than I use to, I don’t care at all. Being able to see the sunrise everyday and having time to look at the new buds of my plants makes it all worthwhile.

By working less hours today makes me even more productive, creative and satisfied than I used to when I was working for more hours. This time, I am more focused, organized and doing more quality work.

Indeed, less is more. You don’t need to do more to have more, doing enough is enough.


On a side note:

I just bought this book from Lazada,Β do less, be moreΒ by John Busacker. If you feel like, you need to be more focused in your life, this one is a good read.



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