Corona Virus Realization #1: Blessed

Amidst the storm and chaos which corona virus brings to the earth, I feel safe and calm inside. I can’t feel a sense of panic and fear. I know that this will pass as the other plagues that come before this had passed, and soon, everything will be history. I don’t fear for myself, but I fear for others safety, especially love ones. As for me, I can afford not to go out for months because I have been doing that for 10 years. I only felt a little sad for not having a vacation that I have planned this summer, but it is just a little thing that I can sacrifice for my safety and others. It doesn’t count at all compared to what others are dealing with at the moment.

I always felt blessed whenever unfortunate things happened outside and I am safe and sound at the comfort of my home and do what I usually do. Working at home is such a blessing to me. I know that I am not immune to any diseases, as a matter of fact, I am not that healthy, but still I am grateful that I am fine and people I know are fine. That is enough for me to sleep peacefully at night.

Although, my heart breaks for the people who are infected by the disease and I know that it is not easy for them and their families. We can only pray, do everything we can and hope for the best. We can combat this disease.

I realized that we are still blessed that we are still alive and we are with our love ones. Every day is a blessing. We should make it count. As long as we are breathing, there is still hope.

Stay positive and don’t give up.

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