Corona Virus Realization #2: Frugality is a Virtue

Since the Novel-Coronavirus outbreak and home quarantine was implemented, many people start panicking and storing food. However, not all people can stay at home for a month without worrying about their finances. In times like this, I hope that we should learn how important it is to save money and to have an emergency fund. It might be hard to save at first, especially if you are earning just enough, but once you develop the habit of saving, it will be easy.

Now, that we are under quarantine, we should stay frugal. Sadly, the people who store food starts panic eating. Crazy, like there is no tomorrow. Since they have a lot of food stored, they make eating as a hobby while staying at home. Other people cook like there is a party every day. What if the government extends the quarantine period, do you still have food to eat?

We are living in uncertainty nowadays, we better spend our time thinking how we can survive the days of quarantine. We should think about how we can extend our resources. We should always think ahead and prepare. As of now, we have a total of 1075 total cases of covid-19. The numbers are growing so fast and we don’t see any possibilities that it will decline soon. With this being said, staying frugal is the key to survive this calamity.


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