Corona Virus Realization #3: Health is Indeed Wealth

Let start this blog with a quote from Thomas Fuller, “Health is not valued till sickness comes.”.

I couldn’t agree more. Like you, I am guilty as charged as well. We often neglect our health, and we are busy making money, but with this pandemic that is happening around the globe, we realized that money is nothing if you are infected of this corona virus disease.

As we are being quarantined, there are a few things that our money can buy, only the basic necessity to survive. The point of this blog is we should learn to take care of ourselves. Our health should be our priority above anything else. Whatever it is that is on the top of our list will be useless if we felt sick.

Let’s learn from what is happening in the whole world today. We should fight the covid19 by staying healthy and boosting our immune system. It is actually as simple as 1,2,3.

  1. Exercise – Don’t make the quarantine as an excuse for not moving your butt. There are a lot of things you can do inside the house that can make you sweat. Why not start by cleaning the whole house?
  2. Eat healthy foods – We have plenty of time to cook now, thus we don’t need the fast food. Cooked food is better and healthier. Eat more fruits and vegetables. There are vegetables that you can pick around the neighborhood. We have a lot of malunggay here, comment below if you want some.
  3. Have a quality sleep – You are not doing anything, so why not take advantage of this time to have enough rest? Netflix can wait when you wake up.

Easy, right? Stay healthy and let’s hope that this movie we are in will about to come to an end.

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