Corona Virus Realization #4: Staying Sane is a Must

Stay foolish to stay sane. ~ Maxime Lagacé

Being in quarantine for 3 weeks is mentally challenging for all of us. This is specially to extrovert people and people with anxiety.

We usually used to go out every day to go to work, school and do some errands, but now, we are forced to stay at home and only one person each household is allowed to go out to buy food, medicine and other necessities for the entire family.

Most of the people rant that all they do is to wake up, eat and wait for the sunset. The same goes tomorrow and the day tomorrow. There are humors that the enhance community quarantine or ECQ will be extended for 20 days more after April 14 and this freaks out many other people.

It seems like you are in a house arrest, but of course, people understand that it is the best for all of us. However, it doesn’t stop them to overthink. Some people are scared, others are angry and many others are full of anxiety. They are scared for their lives, they are scared of the disease, but they are also scared that they’ve got nothing to eat because at the moment everyone is jobless, aside from the people who works at home and frontliners.

On the other hand, even if you are frontliner and continue receiving salary, you are risking your life. You are exposed to the disease. Everyone is affected with this pandemic disease, even the wealthy people and the business people because most of the businesses are shut down. We might be lucky working at home, but our clients are business owners whose businesses might get affected as well. They may no longer need our  services if their business stop operating. So, it a very tragic situation for all of us.

The government is doing their part, giving relief goods and financial support, but it seems not enough and people are afraid of hunger and uncertainty.

Before negativity consumes us, we must think of ways on how to stay sane during this time. We are still lucky because we have access to theinternet which can entertain us in numerous ways. Here are things you should do while waiting for this nightmare to be over.

  1. Stay positive. There are a lot of things you can do when you are thinking and looking for positive things rather than being negative with the situation. Being positive gives you a clear head, which you can use to plan on how to survive the following days while being negative will just stress you out, drain your energy and will give you other disease.
  2. Bond with your family. If you are stuck with your family, you are lucky. See this as an opportunity to catch up with them and do some bonding activities like videoke or cooking together. If you are alone, you can still catch up and bond with your family through video call, you have free days to do that. It helps to think that you are not alone during this hard time.
  3. Learn new skills. It is the perfect time to learn new skills like painting, sketching, cooking, and other things you wish to learn before covid-19 interrupt our lives. You don’t have time before, but now, you have a lot of time to spare. Learning new skills shift your focus and taking you away from negativity.
  4. Exercise. Yes, don’t just lie down. When you are doing something worthwhile, it helps your mind to be at ease. Be healthy. Dance with your family. Go crazy.
  5. Plant. Planting helps you to have something to look forward to. It helps you to wake up each day with a purpose because you are nourishing something and its new sprout will thrill you and gives you happiness. You can also plant vegetables and you will never get hungry for sure.
  6. Declutter/Clean – It’s time to get rid of the things you don’t need and just taking space in your house and in your life. Keep only what is important and what you use daily. Clean the house, a clean house will help you to feel good and keep your sanity intact.
  7. Read a book/ Watch movies. – You can watch a series without feeling guilty. Relax and enjoy it. Read a book and get lost in the story. Forget the negativity for a while and be in another world.
  8. Take a course online. After the quarantine period, consider it as your graduation day. You have learnt new things and now ready to use it.

You don’t need to do all of that, you can just pick one or two, whatever is applicable to you. Or if there is nothing you don’t want to do, consider above as an example and think of something you can do to help you stay sane and get through this challenge we are facing with novel-coronavirus.

Hold your grip. Stay sane.

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