Corona Virus Realization #5: Fear is Deadliest Disease

My realization for today is that people love to frighten themselves. They love news with fearful headlines, thus the media use this fear to attract viewers and visitors. They create fake news, they exaggerate the title to be more fearful than it seems as a click bait and it works.

The people will believe the worst and will panic and recruit people to panic with them. This is so sad and troublesome as well because people tend to do crazy things when they are afraid like panic buying, ranting online, rallying or even steal, and other things that will not help the current situation at all, but the other way around.

What I’ve also noticed is that people are more afraid to starve to death than to get infected by the coronavirus disease. They are thinking that they need to go out to earn money to buy food which is very valid, especially if you have children you need to feed.

But I realized that fear is not the enemy. Fear helps us to prepare for the worse, and that is what we should be doing, preparing and thinking of plans on how to survive than impulse buying and ranting. We should know that this pandemic is not forever. Let’s help ourselves to stay positive and to act accordingly while waiting for this virus to be over.

You can check how much money you still have and what you can do to stretch it out. I see some my neighbors cook merienda and sell it through group chat. You can deliver it within the neighborhood within the hours you are allowed to go out. Of course, you should practice safety measures upon executing this task. You can budget your money and avoid eating more than you can consume. There are still jobs that you can do online, where you can earn money. You just need to be resourceful in this period.

The bottom line is, don’t let fear kill you, but listen to what it is telling you. Act on it, be resourceful, use the internet to earn from home and do not just use the internet to pass time and hope that the provisions will land on your doorstep.

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