Time is Fleeting

I’ve known this for so long that time flies by, but I was reminded today as I’ve checked the time and date (April 23, 2020; 12:32 am). Can you believe it? We’re almost done with the fourth month of the year and what have we accomplished so far?

Time is a valuable asset given to us for free, but it is not unlimited. Apparently, we don’t how much time is given to us. What we know is once we’ve spent it, it is gone forever. We are not here forever. We better use our time wisely, don’t you think?

It seems like yesterday, I was a child and now, I am nearing 39th birthday. Crazy!

Anyway, we are in quarantine period and we are forced to stay home due to corona virus and it is okay to rest from work and to bond with family. We are over a month and we still don’t know if ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) will be extended for the second time around. I believe we already have enough rest and it is time to do something worthwhile.

Let’s check our plans before this pandemic occurs on earth. What are your goals and let us start thinking about how we can eventually reach it even if we are staying at home. I bet many of our goals can be accomplished at home like health goals. We can exercise and eat healthy at home. We can also read books for our mental health. We can develop healthy habits, so when the lockdown is lifted, we are can continue the habits we’ve started. We’ve done something worthwhile.

We have a lot of things to do that we are putting off because we are too busy then and we don’t have time, but we have a lot of time now. It is time to do those things.

I’m just here reminding myself and everyone that time is fleeting.

Time is Fleeting

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