Everything Starts with a Decision

Tonight, I’ve decided to pursue on my goals, to stay awake and to hustle and it feels great. It feels great to finally start again and to pursue your dreams and the things you love.

During this quarantine period, all I am thinking of, is to rest and to have a vacation because I just hit my goal this February but it never happens because of this pandemic we have right now. Maybe this statement confuses some people, because what else can we do during the lockdown, but to rest at home, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case for me. Don’t get me wrong, I learned to love staying at home and I will tell you on my next blog on how I’ve learned it, but since I am working from home, I need a fresh air to rest. People who have a home based job can relate to what I’m saying, we a need a digital detox.

Since, I really badly needed a vacation and I strongly believe that I deserve it after hitting my goal, I haven’t done anything productive at all. I am still working, but that’s just it. I haven’t done anything where I can accomplish something. All I am waiting is for this enhanced community quarantine to be lifted, then have a vacation and when I come back, I will start working on my goals. Unfortunately, a few days ago, President Duterte announced that the ECQ will be extended again. What a bummer!

In my previous blog, I’ve told you that I realized that time is fleeting because this month will be over soon. I guess, we can say goodbye to our summer vacation plans. We don’t really don’t know when this is over. I wish I could invent a vaccine for covid-19 because that is the only way that our dear president will lift the quarantine, but I don’t know anything about that.

So now, I’ve decided to stop thinking about my vacation and start working my butts off. Anyway, I’ve rested enough. Well, I can have my vacation when all of this is over. I have funded my vacation already, so I didn’t have to think about it. Life goes on. Time flies. Let us continue living.

After I’ve reached this decision, I’ve become motivated and inspired. So, I’ve realized that we are just one decision away to change our behavior and to change our lives. When you’ve decided to do something, you will have a sense of direction.

Let us decide to change our mindset on our current situation and use this misfortune as an opportunity to be productive.


Goodnight and live a life.

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