How to be a FREElancer: Tips on how to live a life outside Corporate World

I wrote the book “How to be a FREElancer: Tips on how to live a life outside Corporate World” because you’ve asked for it. Everyday people are asking me about it, my neighbors, relatives, friends and somebody I just met, whether offline or online. Though being a freelancer is not new, still many people want to know and with this, I wrote this piece.

Happy Chinese New Year – Gong Xi Fa Cai

Every year Fiipinos use to celebrate with our Chinese friends as they celebrate their New Year. As we all know Chinese has their own calendar so they don’t celebrate the New Year on January 1.

February – Love Month?

February is short, only 28 days but it is jampacked with meaningful events. Truly, February is a love month.

How to Create a “call-to-action” Button on Facebook

Finally, a call-to-action button is now available in my client’s Facebook Fan Page account. According to Facebook, this button is still not available to everybody but I guess, the majority has it already.

Productivity Lesson: How to Stop Procrastination

A while ago, I was at Candelaria, Quezon which was celebrating their fiesta. It is fun to see people who still bothers to prepare food and patiently waiting and assisting their guests.

Health and Wellness for February

What is a perfect way to start a brand new month but to spend it at Ginhawa Spa and Dining? I super love massage and as a freelancer this is one of the things that we are looking forward to.

Health Mini Goal Checked!

This is the last day of January and it is time for me to check my mini goal for my Health Goal this 2015.

Freelancer’s Health – PhilHealth Contribution

A while ago, I went out and paid my PhilHealth contribution. Since it is the last Friday of the month, I ensured that my contribution for 2 quarters has been paid.

How to Survive as a Freelancer

Freelancing has ups and downs. It is unsecured like everyone is shouting. Nonetheless, thinking of corporate world make me sick and I don’t want to see myself going back there.

A Successful Freelancer

Everyone of us is dreaming of success, however definition of success varies to different people. An accomplishment of one seems ordinary or nothing to another. If you want to be a successful freelancer…..

Flashback Friday #FF – Because You Can’t Get Enough of #TBT

For some, Friday is the most thrilling day of the week because it is the last working day and there is Friday night out afterwards, and a whole day chill on the Saturday. For netizens, Friday is #FF or Flashback Friday.

Love and Hate Relationship with Facebook

Do you have a love and hate relationship with Facebook as I do? Well, let me tell you that you are not alone. Just recently, the day before yesterday, Facebook blocked me from my account.

Facebook “Create Call to Action” Button

Facebook had announced it’s newest addition to your Facebook Fan Page last December 12, 2014. Actually, it is not yet a formal addition but it is still on the testing phase, the hottest in Facebook for business today is the “Create Call to Action” Button.

Freelancer Self Development – Course Completion

Finally! After enrolling for Udemy “1 Dollar a Day Facebook Ads that Generate Leads” by Phil McGregor yesterday, I’ve completed the course!

Throwback Thursday!

It’s “Throwback Thursday”! One of the most popular trends in social media is throwback Thursday or #TBT. It is because people love to reminisce old but happy memories.

Freelancer Life – Housing Loan

One of the problems that freelancers is facing today is that they can’t get a loan from PAG-IBIG because of lack of working documents. PAG-IBIG requires you to be an employee to get a loan other than looking at your capabilities to pay.

Tips to Hit Your Weekly Goal

As  a freelancer I have weekly goals to accomplish and just now I hit my weekly goal and I feel on the top off the world! Yey! This call for a celebration and a Sunday night out!

Throwing the Dirt of 2014

Out with the old, in with the new. What’s new with you this year?

Health Goal 2015 – To Get Fit

One of my goals this 2015 is to get fit. It was on my wish list before but my sister told me that I need to work for it and it is not something to wish and pray for. I told myself “okay then, it will be a goal”.

Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo (Movie Review)

As promised I watched Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo which leads by one of my favorite actors Robin Padilla.


Yesterday is another fun day!

Sunday supposed to be a rest day so we went to the mall, chill and watch one of the entries of Metro Manila Film Fest which is “Praybeyt Benjamin”.

Sky Ranch – First Day Celebration of 2015

Yesterday we spent the first day of the 2015 at Tagaytay Highlands. Tagaytay is one of the tourist destinations of the country because of its cold climate and breathtaking sky land view.

Merry Christmas to Everyone

3 days to go and it’s Christmas Day! Let me use this opportunity to greet you all an advance Merry Christmas before everything gets busy with us!

Coffee and Typhoon

A perfect combination?

I am a certified coffee lover and I can’t move on in a day without drinking one. It is like my energy booster. It is what wakes me up and kicks me to get started.

Province Life
Growing up in the city makes me yearn to know what it’s like to live in the province. How refreshing the sea to see? How high and steep the mountains and volcanoes are? How green the pasture is? Is the air really fresh? How serene the place is?

A Freelancer Christmas

Freelancers don’t have vacation on holidays as well but you can plan that in advance. So how does a freelancer like me can enjoy the holiday season?

Freelance Life

I am a freelancer and I will take you to the world of freelancing and a lifestyle of a freelancer.

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