Everything Starts with a Decision

Everything Starts with a Decision

Tonight, I've decided to pursue on my goals, to stay awake and to hustle and it feels great. It feels great to finally start again and to pursue your dreams and the things you love. During this quarantine period, all I am thinking of, is to rest and to have a vacation because I just … Continue reading Everything Starts with a Decision

Corona Virus Realization #4: Staying Sane is a Must

Stay foolish to stay sane. ~ Maxime LagacΓ© Being in quarantine for 3 weeks is mentally challenging for all of us. This is specially to extrovert people and people with anxiety. We usually used to go out every day to go to work, school and do some errands, but now, we are forced to stay … Continue reading Corona Virus Realization #4: Staying Sane is a Must

Corona Virus Realization #1: Blessed

Amidst the storm and chaos which corona virus brings to the earth, I feel safe and calm inside. I can't feel a sense of panic and fear. I know that this will pass as the other plagues that come before this had passed, and soon, everything will be history. I don't fear for myself, but … Continue reading Corona Virus Realization #1: Blessed