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Negative Thoughts Lead to Unproductive Day

Hey! It’s Freelancer Friday! Thoughts to ponder: Oftentimes we neglect the power of our mind. We often tend to not realize that what we are thinking plays a vital role in our lives. As a freelancer, we need to make use of our time wisely in order to produce more. Thinking negative will not bring … Continue reading Negative Thoughts Lead to Unproductive Day

A Peek of Summer

I smell summer! I can feel the heat in my skin. I can smell the flowers. I can see the sun shine brightly and I can hear the bird chirping. Summer is so poetic. This is the time of the year when people show off their skin and flaunt what they've got under that dress. … Continue reading A Peek of Summer

Freelancer Lifestyle – Cooking on a Restday

Good afternoon! Has anyone taken their lunch already? My post will make your mouth water (or I just hope so) πŸ˜› I made a promise to myself that I will do my best to rest on Sunday, a total rest day without thinking of work and I acquire a new hobby and that is cooking. … Continue reading Freelancer Lifestyle – Cooking on a Restday

A Successful Freelancer

Everyone of us is dreaming of success, however definition of success varies to different people. An accomplishment of one seems ordinary or nothing to another. If you want to be a successful freelancer, you have to define first what a successful freelancer means to you. A successful freelancer for me has the following characteristics. Free … Continue reading A Successful Freelancer

Freelancer Self Development – Course Completion

Finally! After enrolling for Udemy "1 Dollar a Day Facebook Ads that Generate Leads" by Phil McGregor yesterday, I've completed the course! As a Social Media Marketer, it is my duty to widened my scope of knowledge in this field and I am happy that my client Anthony sponsored me with this course. This is … Continue reading Freelancer Self Development – Course Completion

Tips to Hit Your Weekly Goal

As Β a freelancer I have weekly goals to accomplish and just now I hit my weekly goal and I feel on the top off the world! Yey! This call for a celebration and a Sunday night out! Before I prepare for anything great tonight, I will give you some tips on how to finish your … Continue reading Tips to Hit Your Weekly Goal