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Negative Thoughts Lead to Unproductive Day

Hey! It’s Freelancer Friday! Thoughts to ponder: Oftentimes we neglect the power of our mind. We often tend to not realize that what we are thinking plays a vital role in our lives. As a freelancer, we need to make use of our time wisely in order to produce more. Thinking negative will not bring … Continue reading Negative Thoughts Lead to Unproductive Day

Freelancing Tips from the Experts

Freelancing Tips from the Experts

Hi guys! I just attended my first Christmas party for this month (I'm sure there's a lot more of Christmas party invitation coming) and this is the best Sunday ever!Β The only sad thing about this day is that I didn't win the iPad 😦 but still, I win something big today! What are those? Learning, … Continue reading Freelancing Tips from the Experts

FREElancer Time Management Tips 101

Hello everyone! It's Saturday and I find time to blog..yehey! Well, as a FREElancer, we should have a lot of free time and we can choose what to do with our time but sadly, I see many freelancers who are tied up with their computers. I'm guilty of that one time or another but learning … Continue reading FREElancer Time Management Tips 101