Social Media Strategy

Many people are wondering what the best Social Media Strategy is. Sometimes, the most simple things are the hardest and the things that are in front of you are hard to find. We love complicated things, I say that because everything is so simple and yet we choose to complicate it. We don't believe that … Continue reading Social Media Strategy

How to Create a “call-to-action” Button on Facebook

Good evening guys or should I say good morning πŸ˜‰ Time check: 12:37am Before I go to sleep, I want to share with you what got me excited today. Finally, a call-to-action button is now available in my client's Facebook Fan Page account. According to Facebook, this button is still not available to everybody but … Continue reading How to Create a “call-to-action” Button on Facebook

Love and Hate Relationship with Facebook

Hello World! Do you have a love and hate relationship with Facebook as I do? Well, let me tell you that you are not alone. Just recently, the day before yesterday, Facebook blocked me from my account. It was so devastating. If you think submitting your details like your ID and other things they required … Continue reading Love and Hate Relationship with Facebook

Facebook “Create Call to Action” Button

Facebook had announced it's newest addition to your Facebook Fan Page last December 12, 2014. Actually, it is not yet a formal addition but it is still on the testing phase, the hottest in Facebook for business today is theΒ "Create Call to Action" Button. I'm sure that every business people are using their Facebook to … Continue reading Facebook “Create Call to Action” Button